Thanks to All Who Participated in Tinnitus Awareness Week 2013

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You can use these tools to raise tinnitus awareness all year long - not just during the month of May!

What is Tinnitus Awareness Week (TAW)?

Established in 1927, May has since been known as “Better Hearing and Speech Month” – a time to raise national public awareness, knowledge and understanding of speech, language and hearing disorders. To complement ATA’s year-round advocacy efforts, each year we set aside a week in May to focus specifically on increasing public awareness about tinnitus and most importantly the need for increased funding for tinnitus research.

TAW Activity Calendar

Click on the TAW calendar for activities you and others
can participate in throughout the month of May!

Participate in TAW the entire month of May!

ATA has an interactive calendar that details the various tinnitus activities throughout the month of May. Help do your part to spread tinnitus awareness in your community!

To easily celebrate Tinnitus Awareness Week in your own communities please visit the following ATA web pages to view and download our TAW resource materials:

Take Action

Spread the Word


Activity Center