Clinical Trials

Below is a list of active clinical trials related to tinnitus, hyperacusis and Meniere's disease.

All information is gathered though, a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. You may want to refer to this site directly for a list of trials organized by geographic location.


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Condition: TinnitusIntervention: Other: observational researchSponsor: University of ZurichRecruiting - verified July 2013

Condition: TinnitusInterventions: Drug: Cannabis; Drug: PlaceboSponsor: Wolfson Medical CenterNot yet recruiting - verified October 2013

Condition: TinnitusInterventions: Drug: AM-101; Drug: PlaceboSponsors: Auris Medical, Inc.; Auris Medical AGRecruiting - verified January 2014

Condition: TinnitusInterventions: Device: Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation; Device: Deep Transcranial Magnetic StimulationSponsor: BrainswayNot yet recruiting - verified February 2014

Condition: TinnitusInterventions: Other: No treatment waiting period; Behavioral: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; Behavioral: Relaxation TherapySponsors: University College London Hospitals; University College, London; British Tinnitus AssociationRecruiting - verified February 2014

Condition: TinnitusInterventions: Drug: AM-101; Drug: PlaceboSponsor: Auris Medical, Inc.Not yet recruiting - verified February 2014

Condition: TinnitusIntervention: Drug: Transdermal LidocaineSponsor: University of California, DavisNot yet recruiting - verified March 2014

Conditions: Meniere's Disease; Meniere's Vertigo; Vertigo, Intermittent; Vertigo, AuralInterventions: Drug: Lamotrigine; Drug: PlaceboSponsors: Dent Neuroscience Research Center; University at Buffalo; Buffalo ENT Specialists, LLPNot yet recruiting - verified June 2014

Condition: TinnitusIntervention: Sponsor: Washington University School of MedicineRecruiting - verified July 2014

Condition: TinnitusInterventions: Drug: EMLA cream 5%; Other: cetomacrogol cream (lotion cream)Sponsor: HaEmek Medical Center, IsraelNot yet recruiting - verified October 2014