Tinnitus Research: Moving the World Toward a Cure

Finding a cure for tinnitus is ATA’s #1 priority. Research will help us reach this goal. Over the last 10 years, tremendous advances have been made and the pace of discovery is constantly accellerating.  ATA’s national leadership has made tinnitus a high-priority research topic. Since we formed in 1971, the number of published research papers related to tinnitus each year has increased 650%!  This is an amazing knowledge base upon which we can build new prospective treatments for tinnitus.

ATA-Funded Research

ATA is the only patient-centered membership association that directly funds research related to tinnitus. Since 1980, we have contributed nearly $6 million to research and supported hundreds of projects in the ongoing effort to improve our understanding of tinnitus, develop better tinnitus treatments, and advance the search for an ultimate cure.

Each year ATA solicits advanced tinnitus research proposals from scientists around the world. All research proposals are measured against ATA’s “Roadmap for a Cure,” a progressive framework for how tinnitus research can best—and most rapidly—be used to achieve a definitive cure for tinnitus. The project selection and funding process is guided by the association’s Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of leading researchers and thought leaders in the field of tinnitus. 


ATA's Roadmap to a Cure

Developed by ATA's Scientific Advisory Committee, the Roadmap to A Cure is a framework for understanding the scienfitic progress that will lead us to a definitive cure for tinnitus.  The Roadmap identifies the steps necessary to reach this goal, and highlights critical gaps in knowledge which require additional research and funding. 

Scientific progress doesn't always follow a direct course. In an effort to refine knowledge and expedite a cure, researcher must exhaust all possible avenues of research.  However, a roadmap is an excellent way to help shorten the path from the starting point to the final cure.

We see this Roadmap as a way to give tinnitus patients and researchers everywhere a firm grasp of what's going on in tinnitus research. There are many battles along the way, and each little battle is important to fight and win. If we find a solution to any one of the Paths, we will have helped improve people's lives. 

ATA's Roadmap to a Cure
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ATA's Scientific Advisory Committee

ATA's distinguished Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) includes the world’s leading tinnitus researchers.  This committee provides guidance to association leadership and staff on all matters related to tinnitus research and science. Their duties include identifying priority areas for future tinnitus research and reviewing all research proposals submitted for ATA funding.