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About the ATA Health Professional Listing

The ATA Health Professional Listing is offered as one resource to help you make successful health care choices. Please consider our listing a "starting point" rather than any kind of referral list. The individuals on the following pages have indicated to ATA that they are interested in providing services and treatments to tinnitus patients. Whether or not a particular professional or treatment is right for you depends on many factors. Different treatments work for different people.

Consider the following suggestions when selecting a health care professional, including questions to ask, and then work with that professional to find the treatment or combination of treatments that works best for you. Regardless of which treatment you choose, your first step when making a health care decision should be to receive medical and audiological evaluations. ATA makes no recommendations or representations as to the individuals listed or to their respective treatments.


Note: the American Tinnitus Association cannot vouch for the tinnitus-related services offered by health care professionals on these sites. Remember to ask any potential hearing health care provider about their experience with tinnitus evaluations and treatments. Because there are many different tinnitus treatment strategies, knowing what to do if you have tinnitus can be confusing. Make sure you turn to health care professionals who provide support, care, and compassion- and who know about and understand tinnitus.