Individual Membership

ATA Individual MembershipIndividual Membership in the American Tinnitus Association is ideal for anyone looking to manage their own tinnitus or assist others with the condition.  Individual members receive a subscription to Tinnitus Today, access to online tinnitus management tools, information on local providers and support groups, discounts on ATA products, email updates and more. 

In addition, your membership helps ATA fund vital research into the causes, treatments and potential cures for tinnitus.  Individual membership is an investment in a tinnitus-free future, both for yourself and for the more than 50 million people in the US who suffer from tinnitus. 


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Individual Membership Dues

  • $40 / year (within the United States)
  • $55 / year (outside the United States)


Individual Membership includes

  • A One-Year Subscription to Tinnitus Today Magazine
    Published three times a year, ATA's respected magazine provides you with updates on the latest research, treatment options and management techniques for tinnitus. Tinnitus Today also includes personal and inspirational stories from people living with tinnitus.
  • Exclusive access to the Tinnitus Today archives
    Over 35 years of Tinnitus Today editions are available online, exclusively to ATA members.
  • Free Step-By-Step Tinnitus Management Workbook
    Download the Progressive Tinnitus Management Program, an easy-to-follow, workbook that may help you manage your tinnitus. Developed by leading doctors and researchers in the field, this is the same workbook used by the VA to treat its own tinnitus patients. 
  • Free, Downloadable Sound Library
    Stream or download audio from ATA's online Sound Library, a collection of soothing sounds that may help cover the noise of your tinnitus. 
  • Networking and Support Opportunities
    ATA maintains huge lists of tinnitus specialists and support groups in your area, and we'll help connect you with te people learning to manage their condition.
  • News and Information Updates
    When there's an important development in tinnitus research or treatment, ATA will let you know with a special email update.
  • A Voice on Capitol Hill
    When you become a member of ATA, you join one of the most influential voices pushing for increased government funding for tinnitus research and treatment. 


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For questions and more information about ATA Individual Membership, please contact ATA at 503-248-9985 or