ATA Corporate Members

ATA Corporate Members are companies that share ATA's commitment to responsibly treat and cure tinnitus. They are  industry leaders in the field of tinnitus and receive national recognition for their commitment to the tinnitus community. ATA sincerely thanks our Corporate Members their ongoing support.

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Please note: ATA does not endorse or recommend any particular product or treatment.  The opinions or advice of outside corporations does not reflect the opinions of the American Tinnitus Association.


Gold Level Corporate Members

Auris Medical We at Auris Medical are dedicated to developing novel pharmaceutical therapies to protect hearing and to silence tinnitus. Auris Medical is the leading pioneer in the emerging field of cochlear (inner ear) therapies.

We have two projects in advanced clinical development: AM-101 for the treatment of acute inner ear tinnitus and AM-111 for the treatment of acute inner ear hearing loss. We have additional projects under development and are further strengthening our pipeline through collaborations with leading academic institutions in this field.

Neuromonics Neuromonics, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to helping people with its treatments for ringing in the ears, clinically known as tinnitus.

Neuromonics manufactures and distributes the only FDA-cleared, patented and clinically proven medical devices designed for long-term, significant relief of tinnitus. The company also has received regulatory approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Beginning with the work of Paul Davis, Ph.D., inventor of the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, and research and development since the early 1990s, Neuromonics has helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers around the world improve their quality of life and overcome the daily challenges associated with tinnitus.

Otonomy Otonomy is a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing innovative therapeutics for diseases and disorders of the ear. Otonomy's proprietary technology provides sustained exposure of drugs to the middle and inner ear following a single intratympanic (IT) injection. Otonomy has three product candidates in development. OTO-201 is an antibiotic that is in Phase 3 clinical trials in pediatric patients with middle ear effusion at the time of tympanostomy tube placement surgery. OTO-104 is a steroid that is in the first of two pivotal clinical studies for the treatment of patients with Ménière's disease. OTO-311 is an NMDA receptor antagonist in development as a treatment for tinnitus. For more information please visit: and follow us at
Restored Hearing Restored Hearing is on a mission to rid the world of avoidable hearing damage, both treating and preventing hearing damage. Restored Hearing are dedicated to educating the population to eradicate the 50% of hearing damage that is avoidable. Sound Relief is a tinnitus sound therapy that’s been clinically proven to give an average of 15% reduction in ringing in the ears with just 5 minutes a day of daily use. Sound Bounce is a hearing protection using smart materials to make existing ear defenders 8 times better.


Silver Level Corporate Members



Bronze Level Corporate Members 

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