Jack Vernon Legacy Society

The following is a list of individuals who have included ATA in their planned giving strategies. They are a part of a dedicated circle of individuals united by one mission: to cure tinnitus. Their planned gift means a great deal as we raise funds for critically needed research.

As a way of thanking those of you who have included us in your estate plan, we now recognize you as a member of the American Tinnitus Association's Jack Vernon Legacy Society. We established the Society in honor and memory of Jack A. Vernon, Ph.D., the late co-founder of the American Tinnitus Association and godfather of tinnitus research.

If you have mentioned ATA in your plans, and are not listed below, please contact Cara James via email. We would like to add your name to those honoring Dr. Vernon's work through Legacy Society membership.

Paul A. Bauml
Monte Beilharz
Virginia Blackman
Gerald L. Bray, LCSW
John U. Buchman, M.D.
G. Cheston Carey, III
Carl L. Cochrane, Jr.
Simon Couvier
Jules H. Drucker
Joy A. Fogarty
Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg
Marcene M. Herron
Richard and Estella Hoag Charitable Fund
Ginger L. Hoiland
Richard Iannacone
Ben L. Jones
Harold M. Kahn, Jr.
Clifford L. Kohler
Marita Maxey
Ruth E. Ochs
Gary P. Reul, Ed.D., and Barbara T. Reul
Edward P. Rosenberg
James W. Soudriette
Neil D. Valentino
Delmer D. and Wanda Weisz