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Donating to ATA is one of the best ways to support tinnitus research and help us achieve our mission of finding a cure for what many call the malady of the 21st century. Your generous donations help us send the most gifted tinnitus researchers into labs across the country in the quest for a cure.

Here are a few ways to get involved with ATA today:

Become an ATA Member

  • ATA Membership: Members enjoy special benefits, including a year’s subscription to Tinnitus Today, our information-packed magazine that is not to be missed. Become a member here.
  • Professional Membership: A special class of membership for audiologists, physicians, psychologists and other professionals interested in tinnitus treatment and research.
  • Corporate Membership: An opportunity for companies interested in partnering for progress in the search for a tinnitus cure.

Become a Tinnitus Network Volunteer

Provide one-on-one support via phone, email or mail to others who, like you, have tinnitus.

Attend or Start a Tinnitus Support Group

Meet with others who experience and suffer with tinnitus. Learn from special guests and realize you are not alone.

Volunteer Your Skills

Have a skill you think would help us achieve our mission to cure tinnitus? We are always seeking volunteers for special projects! If you’re interested in sharing your talents, please email or tell us how you'd like to be involved.

For additional information, email or write to:

American Tinnitus Association
P.O. Box 5
Portland, OR 97207-0005