ATA Annual Reports

In this time of unprecedented need,
the American Tinnitus Association continues to grow.

More than an organization of scientists and professionals, we are doctors, patients, researchers, staff and volunteers working together towards a common goal: to silence ringing in the ears.

Fueling our efforts are members throughout the country. With your help, we are researching tinnitus treatment options and pathways to a cure, responding to tinnitus patients with information and support, and improving the lives of people with tinnitus through advocacy.

Learn more about our programs and activities by reviewing our annual reports. The reports are in PDF format.

2013 ATA Annual Report
2012 ATA Annual Report
2011 ATA Annual Report
2010 ATA Annual Report
2009 ATA Annual Report
2008 ATA Annual Report
2007 ATA Annual Report
2006 ATA Annual Report

Nonprofit Tax Status

The American Tinnitus Association is a 501(c)(3) association and donations are tax-deductible. We include here our form 990 tax return for the tax year beginning 7/1/11 and ending 6/30/12. Also, view ATA's audited financials ending 6/30/2012.