About ATA

MISSION: The American Tinnitus Association exists to cure tinnitus through the development of resources that advance tinnitus research.

We know you have found our website because you are suffering from tinnitus, or you are trying to help someone who does.

We know you are looking for a cure to end that suffering. But we want to tell you that no matter what anyone tells you, there is currently no cure for the condition. 

But we do have exciting news! ATA, along with our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), believe that a cure is possible. There have been major advances within the past five years that suggest a cure is not only possible, but probable. But it all comes down to time and money.

That money is research money. ATA has a long-standing tradition of being trail blazers in the field of tinnitus research. Because of ATA, researchers who believe that a cure is possible are able to test their theories and conduct their experiments because of the grant money ATA is able to award them. And where does ATA get the money to fund research grants? Exclusively from the generosity of our members and donors.

In addition, your contributions that are not restricted for research grants, go to support our efforts in Washington, D.C. to increase federal funding for tinnitus research and allow us to be here as a resource today, for all the millions suffering from tinnitus world wide.

We ask you - before you check out the rest of this website and before you go searching for another website about tinnitus consider this fact: through your donations, in any amount that's affordable, YOU have the power to determine whether or not tinnitus is cured.

So you can continue to search and try any number of remedies that others have tried or you can decide right now that you are going to join us in meeting this enormous challenge head on. We promise to keep you updated on the scientific progress that your contributions help to fund and you will be the first to know when our Scientific Advisory Committee takes another step toward a cure for your tinnitus.

Please consider becoming part of the solution to silence. We look forward to having you join us. And one day, we will all celebrate silence together.

How We Started - The History of ATA

ATA began with vision, compassion and a drive to help so many suffering with tinnitus who had virtually been sent home to suffer alone by practitioners who did not have the knowledge base or support they needed to adequately diagnosis and treat patients with tinnitus.

It was 1971, and Jack Vernon, Ph.D. (at right), a longtime champion of tinnitus patients, was conducting clinical research at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. He began treating Dr. Charles Unice, a California physician and tinnitus sufferer, and together the two founded the American Tinnitus Association. Its main goal – to raise money to fund tinnitus research – endures almost 40 years later. 

We Are a Research Funding Source

Since 1980, ATA has awarded more than $5 million providing researchers with “seed” money to launch their work. Some of these researchers have gone on to receive large grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and more recently the U.S. Department of Defense based on their early, ATA-funded work. Read about our newly funded research, currently funded research and past ATA-funded research.


Do you have questions, would like to become a member or request additional information?

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